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19 October 2021 - 22 October 2021
Linz, Austria
B2B-Meetings at International Forum Mechatronics 2021

B2B-Meetings (on-site and virtual)

Technical progress requires new concepts to master industrial and strategic challenges - Symbiotic mechatronics as a new paradigm

The B2B-Meetings are an important part of the conference "International Forum Mechatronics". The scheduled face-to-face meetings offer an ideal opportunity to identify potential cooperation partners and to establish interesting business contacts. Every participant selects his conversation partners individually and has 20 minutes to exchange about projects and products.

Participation in the B2B-Meetings is free of charge.
Besides the participation on-site, virtual participation
(video conferencing via this website) is also possible!

Please be aware:

  • In the B2B-sessions on 19 and 22 October only virtual meetings are taking place!
  • In the B2B-session on 20 October only on-site meetings are taking place!

Register for the B2B-Meetings here.

  • Deadline for registration: 18 October

About the conference "International Forum Mechatronics" (on-site)

20 - 21 October 2021

The annual conference is the European marketplace for the technological presentation and discussion of research and development results from science and industry, for the initiation of new partnerships and for increasing innovation dynamics in the participating economic areas (mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy).

Expected number of participants: 250-350

Conference language will be German. 
The programme will include Keynotes, Best Practice Examples, Open Labs, Playgrounds, Workshops, an exhibitor area and a social evening event. The details about the conference programme you can find here.

For participation in the conference (on-site only) a separate registration is necessary.
Register for the conference here.

Main topics of the B2B-Meetings

    • Digital Product Development    
    • Digital Twins
    • Modelling & Simulation
    • Digital Production Planning & Control
    • Sensing
    • Mechatronical Systems
    • Automation & Drives
    • HMI - Human Machine Interaction
    • Assistance Systems in Industry
    • Robotics  
    • Smart Production
    • Big Data & Data Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence for Industries & Machine Learning           
    • Industrial Service & Maintenance

    Why participate?

    • Publish and showcase your most favourable projects, products, services or know-how
    • Targeting potential business partners in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings
    • Initiate (cross-border) contacts and co-operations in a time and cost-efficient way
    • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
    • Get latest information on industrial related research results and trends
    • Meet and share views with industry experts and researchers

    Who can you meet at the event?

    • Enterprises
    • Start-ups
    • Research institutions
    • Universities
    • Cluster organizations
    • Public associations/agencies

    Consultants are only allowed to take part in the B2B-Meetings, when they are able to offer a specific expertise in the fields of mechatronics/industry 4.0. This expertise has to be clearly described in the collaboration profile (marketplace item).

    Photo: Business Upper Austria

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    Altenbergerstra├če 69
    4040 Linz, Austria
    Organised by
    Participants 114
    Meetings 135
    Austria 41
    Germany 20
    Spain 10
    Romania 10
    Italy 9
    Greece 3
    Belgium 3
    Switzerland 3
    Hungary 3
    Portugal 3
    Latvia 2
    Netherlands 1
    United Kingdom 1
    Poland 1
    Israel 1
    India 1
    United States 1
    Ukraine 1
    Uruguay 1
    Finland 1
    Total 116
    Company 67
    Start-up 14
    Association/Agency 12
    R&D Institution 7
    Other 5
    University 5
    Authority/Government 3
    Consulting 3
    Total 116